Going Global with BBYO

By Tash Cowan (BBYO UKI) and Danielle Katz (NRE: DC Council), IC Press Corps 2017

Hi! We're Tash Cowan (UKI) and Danielle Katz (NRE: DC Council), the Global Partners Summit coordinators this year, and it was so impactful, rewarding, and exciting to be able to coordinate this experience for everyone!

Over the course of the past 24 hours, more than 200 teens from more than 30 countries have dedicated their time to learning about the global refugee crisis.

Participants learned about the crisis through a Jewish lens, examining their special obligation to take action as Jews, and their responsibilities as Jewish teens.

To convey the relevance of it being a modern crisis and to humanize refugees, we watched videos and looked at multi-media portrayals of a refugee crisis in a time of advanced phones, connections, and technology. We held discussions on how different mediums impact the viewers and how they depict the crises.

In a values clarification exercise, participants shared personal and preconceived values, sharing the significance of them in their decision making processes.

Three speakers from a variety of backgrounds and organizations inspired teens to go beyond only learning about the crisis and to take action. Participants brainstormed how to use resources gained here to make an impact on the world from their community by writing declarations for the UN Youth Council and learning about hands-on projects with the JDC.

Now, we can't wait for everyone to make their mark on the world and see our thoughts and inspirations translate to actions across the world.