More Than Meetings, Making Changes

By Sophie Dornfeld, Northern Region East: Northern Virginia Council, IC Press Corps 2017 

To put it simply, the February Executives Pre-Summit was game-changing. Each and every unique activity we participated in was in some way or another reinventing both how we can adapt our leadership styles to realize our visions and also how we can restructure our goals to suit where we, as an Order, are headed following a momentous Fall Term. 

We began with two rotations discussing aspects of the upcoming Spring Term that we have to look forward to and prepare for, such as: J-serve, Founders' Days, Summer Experiences, and more! Following dinner, we were engaged in a ceremonial Roll Call to celebrate all of the representatives with whom we would be experiencing IC 2017. After separating into our individual Pre-IC Summits, the Execs body was afforded the opportunity to participate in two rotations of breakout sessions, each designed to provide us with skills to take back to our Countries/Regions/Councils relating to membership, retention, and inspiring and mobilizing our peers. Finally, we once again reconvened to delve into meaningful separates programs to close the first night of what will inevitably be an unforgettable weekend. 

We began another impactful day together with all of the Pre-IC Summits through an early morning musical Shacharit service. After breakfast we partook in a business meeting where we voted on exciting legislation that will change the way our movement operates, making us more inclusive, supportive, and welcoming. Leaving for lunch, you could feel the energy in the air as we had just passed a piece of legislation that will blaze the path to ensure that we are truly a GLOBAL organization (more details to come!). We finished the pre-summit quite appropriately by hearing from Chancellor Arnie Eisen, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seninary. He lead a discussion about what it means to be a Jewish leader and have a "hyphenated identity" (Jewish-American). 

Leaving February Execs, I feel confident saying I am not alone in that I couldn't possibly be more energized to have a fantastic last IC and continue the term as Council N'siah, utilizing the skills and tools that were sharpened over the course of my pre-summit. Shoutout to Ellie and Aaron for all of their hard work!! I know the last few months of the programming year will be full to the brim with other incredible opportunities you can't get outside of BBYO. #GameOn