The Momentum of Execs

By Jacob Bendalin, Rocky Mountain Region, IC Press Corps 2017

Similar to August Executive Meetings, February Executive Meetings was another moment when the executives and leaders in our Order came together to celebrate the successes of our Regions as well as participate in business. It was an incredible time to see how our respective Regions run, and how the International Order is thriving! Yet, this February Executives was very different from the one in August due to the fact that the whole International Order was here. Meeting kids from several different counties who are just as passionate as I am in BBYO was such a cool experience, as I was able to talk to them and discuss plans and goals for our future. February Execs was a unique opportunity and I was glad to extend my last International BBYO journey. Execs allows me to remember the vital role I play in our International Order and the momentum I have to incite change. I cannot wait to go back to RMR and help it prosper with all the new information available I received.