VIP Stakeholder Event (Dessert Reception with Dallas Community)

By Leah Kay, Liberty Region Alumna, Elon University, IC Press Corps 2017

At the VIP Stakeholder event tonight at IC, Dallas community members gathered to network, and hear stories of the impacts their efforts have on BBYO teens. Hearing from BBYO’s CEO, Matt Grossman, stakeholders and guests are welcomed. Dallas community member, Jayson Minsky reflects on his time in BBYO in what was Texoma Region, now known as two separate regions as North Texas Oklahoma and Lonestar. He remembers the great times in Texoma even though his two kids now heavily involved in BBYO cannot fully experience Texoma, but are having their own uniquely formative journeys in BBYO.

Matt Grossman welcomed the group with recognizing the helpful Dallas community volunteers who dedicated their time for the weekend the help “corral stampedes of teens”. These families also hosted over 160 teens from around the world the week leading up to International Convention. Grossman noted that Dallas is the only city with four heads of Jewish organizations in it right now: the Joint Distribution Committee, AIPAC, The Dallas Jewish Federation and the UJA Federation Presidents. He continued asking the audience to raise their hands if they were a teen in BBYO, had a child, or grandchild in BBYO. A large majority of the audience applied to one or all of the above, showing the generations upon generation giving their time and commitment to BBYO.

Jed Golman, the current Grand Aleph Sh’liach was asked about how BBYO made him a leader. He became involved in BBYO early on his freshman year of high school, and instantly found it easy to connect with kids because of their passion for BBYO in his chapter. BBYO served as a home for him and an outlet for leadership that he couldn’t find elsewhere. “It is not just a position so I can pick the homecoming theme, but BBYO gives me the platform and support to develop as a leader,” Jed explained about his time in AZA.