Senior Program

By Harrison Thorn, Rocky Mountain Region, IC 2017 Press Corps

The Song Session of a Lifetime

To honor the seniors, a special song session was held for them after the State of the Order Address. It featured songs like "Wonderwall," "One Day," "Count on Me," "Magnificence," and other songs of that we know and love from summer programs. As the night drew to a close, it began to dawn on some that for them and myself, we are nearing the end of IC and our BBYO careers. The mood of the room shifted from happy to nostalgic in a matter of moments. I know I speak for all of the seniors when I say that I will always miss my friends from outside of the region, but I know these friendships will last a lifetime. The song session for the seniors truly highlighted the power of BBYO, Summer Experiences, IC, and music. 

On behalf of the seniors, I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this song session and this incredible weekend possible, for allowing us to have one last meaningful moment with all of our closest friends.