IC 2017 GLOBAL DELEGATE HOSTING - Home Hospitality Form

Our international delegates and staff, from dozens of countries arrive between Thursday, February 9 and Wednesday, February 15 to experience Jewish teen life in Dallas, Texas. Host families are needed to welcome our international teen leaders and staff as they enjoy a fun-filled schedule before IC officially starts. The cross-cultural exchange is a meaningful opportunity. We encourage you to explore the culture of your guest and learn about their unique Jewish community! Please remember while there will be cultural differences, this is an incredible opportunity to learn from one another through a very special experience. After all, you're family!

The following are general expectations for housing international delegates from February 9 – 15 (dates may vary):

  • Provide comfortable housing with a safe, clean and appropriately private sleeping arrangement.
    Note: teens may share a bed if it is a queen size or larger
  • Provide transportation from the airport and to/from all programs leading up the international delegate orientation at Convention, mid-day, on Wednesday, February 15. Drop-off and pick-up points are scheduled as conveniently as possible for bus transportation when appropriate.
  • A program calendar is being developed and will be shared shortly. Every event will be within the Dallas area.
  • Under no circumstances should an international teen ever be in a vehicle driven by a teen driver.
  • Provide kosher style/kosher packed lunches during programming days.
  • If you’re engaging in an outing like a movie or eating out at a restaurant, please be courteous and pay for your international delegates. This does not include casual socializing, like going to a mall where delegates shop with spending money that they have brought to purchase gifts, souvenirs, etc.
  • Some of our visiting teens will have specific dietary and ritual needs. We’ll place teens that are looking for a Shomer Shabbat and kashrut environment with the appropriate households

Interested families should complete this form by Sunday, November 13 For more information about housing an International Delegate please contact Joey Eisman or by phone at 202.857.6632.