AZA & BBG Steering Committee

This year’s International Convention Steering Committee includes 180 innovative Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls from around the world. This dedicated community of talented members has worked together for months across a variety of platforms and time zones to build an exemplary convention experience for every delegate in attendance. Teens run every aspect of the show at IC. Every program detail, all ritual and Shabbat experiences, hosting all our guest speakers and VIPs and engaging with our stakeholder community of thousands of staff, alumni and supporters. IC is built to reflect the interests of the membership involved today and the events of the world at this time in history. The days are long and each hour packed with learning, fun and plenty of surprises.

BBYO IC 2017 Coordinators

Grey Silverman, Eastern: NC
92nd Grand Aleph S'gan

Jeannie Spiegel, NRE: DC
72nd International S'ganit

Administrative Assistants

Hailey Appel, Lake Ontario
BBG Plenaries
Hayes Barton, North Texas Oklahoma
AZA Shabbat and Rituals
Jake Busch, Southern: Atlanta
AZA Logistics
David Cohen, Connecticut Valley
AZA Stakeholders
Naava Ellenberg, Central Region West
BBG Interactives
Noga Hurwitz, Central Region West
BBG Shabbat and Rituals
Matthew Jankowitz, GJHRR : Northern
AZA Interactives
Jordan Kolsky, Wisconsin
AZA Programming

Gabriel Louis-Kayen, Central Region West
AZA Plenaries
Andrew Mannis, Mid-America: St. Louis
Global Networking Committee Chair
Isabel Middleman, North Texas Oklahoma
BBG Stakeholders
Dara Molotsky, South Jersey
BBG Programming
Jonathan Nurko, North Texas Oklahoma
AZA Shabbat and Rituals
Nohar Segal, Connecticut Valley
BBG Shabbat and Rituals
Rebecca Sereboff, NRE: Baltimore
BBG Logistics

Captains and Coordinators

Ethan Aranson, Mid-America: St. Louis
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Sydney Axe, Great Midwest
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Margot Bartol, NRE: DC
BBG Oneg Captain
Jared Berklee, Eastern: VA
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Samuel Berliner-Sachs, Eastern: NC
Freshman Captain
Zack Cohen, Southern: Atlanta
AZA Inclusion Captain
Dalia Dichter, Pacific Western
BBG Inclusion Captain
Dylan Emert, Mid-America: Kansas City
LEADS Day Captain
Ethan Fleischer, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Sydney Glazier, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Freshman Captain
Zoe Halpern, Ohio Northern
BBG Showcase Captain

Blake Hanan, Gold Coast
Global Networking Committee Sub-Chair
Allie Kalik, NRE: DC
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Danielle Katz, NRE: DC
Global Networking Committee Sub-Chair
Jacob Lewis, Southern: Atlanta
AZA Showcase Captain
Dylan Meehan, Nassau Suffolk
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Julia Paul, Mid-America: Kansas City
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Jack Rosenblum,, Eastern: VA
AZA Oneg Captain
Tyler Rosenbluth, Southern: Atlanta
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Dylan Roston, Miami
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Sarah Schepis, Liberty
Freshman Crew Coordinator
Caroline Shrock, Gold Coast
LEADS Day Captain 

AZA BBG Steering Committee

Mitchell Abes, Southern: Atlanta
Dan Alpert, NRE: DC
Max Alter, Ohio Northern
Lindsay Altschuld, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Rachel Annex, Westchester
Ofree Basher, North Florida
Abraham Bazbaz, Lonestar
Sydney Beckett, Rocky Mountain
Carly Belasco, GJHRR: Central
Jared Belzer, Mid-America: Kansas City
Noam Benavi, Lonestar
Melinda Berman, Great Midwest
Micah Bloom, Central Region West
Max Brandell, Big Apple
Sarah Bratton, NRE: DC
Rachel Braun, Ohio Northern
Sarah Brice, Manhattan
Alexa Brown, Eastern: NC
Jessica Cantor, Rocky Mountain
Adam Center, Liberty
Alexander Cohen, Keystone Mountain
Chase Cohn, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Caroline Colburn, North Florida
Tash Cowan, UK & Ireland
Zac Cravez, Miami
Ryan Deutsch, Mid-America: St. Louis
Josh Dornfield, NRE: NoVa
Kezia Douglas, Rocky Mountain
Melissa Dunn, Southern: Atlanta
Roy Einhorn, North Texas Oklahoma
Anna Epstein, Lonestar
Nikki Fagin, Mid-America: St. Louis
Abigail Feder, Maccabi Tzair: Uruguay
Sophia Feinberg, North Texas Oklahoma
Jared Flax, Southern: Atlanta
Anna Fleisher, South Jersey
Trudi Fleishman, South Jersey
Seth Friedman, Wisconsin
Jed Friedman, South Jersey
Gabby Ginsburg, Gold Coast
Ryan Glazer, Northwest Canada
Rachel Goetz, Ohio Northern
Ethan Golde, Mid-America: St. Louis
Deena Goldman, Gold Coast
Alli Goldring, Southern: Atlanta
Ariel Goodwin, Northwest Canada
Madison Gore, Gold Coast
Ahava Guefen, Lonestar
Charlie Hallock, NRE: Baltimore
Amanda Halpern, Michigan
Meredith Harris, GJHRR: Northern
Sonia Holstein, Great Midwest
Diane Hurwitz, NRE: DC
Aidan Jacoby, North Texas Oklahoma
Alexa Kapoor, Liberty
Samantha Katz, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Spencer Keats, Westchester
Julia Keizler, New England
Brian Kessler, Nassau Suffolk
Reuben Kittrell, New England
David Kobrosky, New England
Naomi Kopinsky, Great Midwest
Ben Kort, Mountain
Heather Kurtzman, North Texas Oklahoma
Saralyn Lerner, Gold Coast

Matthew MacGregor, Connecticut Valley
Shadia Matzkin, Hebraica: Argentina
Aydin Mayers, Westchester
Liam McLean, Wisconsin
Phoebe Metzger-Levitt, Cotton States
Rachel Meyerson, Michigan
Rachel Miller, Wisconsin
Julia Minkowitz, Lonestar
Eli Minsky, North Texas Oklahoma
Julie Missry, Keystone Mountain
Tara Murray, Eastern: NC
Daniel Nadel, Lonestar
Ari Nitzkin, Michigan
Arielle Noam, Rocky Mountain
Lev Pearlman, Evergreen
Rachel Pesick, Michigan
Gabby Plotkin, Rocky Mountain
Sarah Pomerantz, Rocky Mountain
Tyler Ramatowski, Mid-America: St. Louis
Jason Randall, North Florida
Emma Reed, Westchester
Jacob Rice, Lake Ontario
Elena Rogers, Eastern: VA
Henry Roseman, North Texas Oklahoma
Jonah Rosenberg, Mountain
Sarah Rosenfield, Connecticut Valley
Jason Rothfarb, Southern: Atlanta
Benjamin Rubenstein, Eastern: NC
Ian Rubinson, NRE: DC
Jessica Rubenstein, Great Midwest
Lily Rudofsky, Rocky Mountain
Sophie Ruttenberg, Ohio Northern
Gaia Sarfati, Connecticut Valley
Simon Schaefer, Connecticut Valley
Dara Schwartz, Liberty
Julia Schwenderman, Liberty
Rachel Serfaty, NRE: DC
Lia Shapiro, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Hayley Sharkey, Miami
Anna Sheinberg, Lonestar
Lily Sherwood, Westchester
Sam Shkolnik, Ohio Northern
Eli Sigman, Liberty
Brandon Silansky, North Texas Oklahoma
Shea Silverman, Northwest Canada
Brooke Singer, Keystone Mountain
Willa Sobel, Rocky Mountain
Cole Sonshein, Southern: Atlanta
Jacob Spiegel, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Brett Steinberg, North Texas Oklahoma
Vanessa Tanur, North Texas Oklahoma
Alexandra Torch Pinsky, Central Region West
Benjamin Turok, Mountain
Nicole Unger, Rocky Mountain
Daniel Wachsberg, Lonestar
Blair Wales, Wisconsin
Emily Warshowsky, North Texas Oklahoma
David Weinstein, Connecticut Valley
Anna Wernick, North Texas Oklahoma
Tyler White, Eastern: NC
Austin Winslow, Gold Coast
Jordyn Wolf, Michigan
Isaac Wolff, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Savannah Zeff, Lonestar
Samantha Zuckerberg, GJHRR: Northern

The IC Press Corps

The IC Press Corps utilizes a range of media tools to capture every moment of International Convention on video, by photo and via our live online broadcast throughout the weekend. This year, we’re sharing our experience via Facebook Live and YouTube – and for 6,000 teens out there, we’ve supplied VR glasses for them to join in on the fun in virtual reality. The IC Press Corps is mentored by BBYO’s Marketing Department as well as professional journalists from print, radio and the web mediums representing notable outlets like Buzzfeed, the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network and the Jewish News Service. Be sure to follow #AZABBGIC2017 and check this website often for all the behind-the-scenes action they cover throughout IC.

Daniel Finan, Cotton States
Press Corps Coordinator
Sonia Holstein, Great Midwest
Press Corps Coordinator
Corinne Brager, Eastern: VA
Leah Buxbaum, NRE: NoVa
Jessica Cantor, Rocky Mountain
Alec Cohen, Michigan
Maya Cohen, Ohio Northern
Sydney DeGiacomo, Connecticut Valley
Roy Einhorn, North Texas Oklahoma
Ben Engelman, Southern: Atlanta
Brandon Farbstein, Eastern: VA
Zachary Fisher, Gold Coast
Trudi Fleishman, South Jersey
Julia Flum, Gold Coast
Hannah Geeser, Mountain
Ethan Golde, Michigan
Charlie Hallock, NRE: Baltimore
Eva Hayman, NRE: NoVa
Ethan Honey, UK & Ireland

Rachel Jolles, Southern: Atlanta
Ari Kaganovsky, Liberty
Keith Kalinksy, Big Apple
Bekkah Lerman, Mountain
Ryan Lurie, Connecticut Valley
Olga Lurye, Manhattan
Laura Martasin, Mid-America: Kansas City
Aydin Mayers, Westchester
Shayna Pearlman, Michigan
Jason Randall, North Florida
Emma Reed, Westchester
Evan Roesen, Eastern: VA
Rayna Saltzman, North Texas Oklahoma
Gabe Shapera, Ohio Northern
Anna Sheinberg, Lonestar
Sarah Swartz, Lake Ontario
Harrison Thorn, Rocky Mountain
Benjamin Turok, Mountain
Brooke Wilczewski, Mid-America: Omaha
Avi Zucker, GJHRR: Central

The IC Band

The IC Band is an ensemble of BBYO’s musicians from across the International Order. Under the leadership of BBYO’s Song Leaders, Eric Hunker and Happie Hoffman, each teen auditions online and once selected, rehearses with teammates virtually until IC arrival day for the band’s first performance. The IC Band opens International Convention’s Opening Ceremonies and plays at numerous moments throughout the weekend per the programming schedule each year.

Lindsay Altschuld, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Jacob Aronson, Manhattan
Sydney Axe, Great Midwest
Micah Bachrach, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Shayna Bomfim, Central Region West
Aryeh Bookbinder, Lake Ontario
Hunter Borowick, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Matan Bos-Orent, Lonestar
Lauren Caplan, Southern: Atlanta
Lacey Cohen, Michigan
Syd Cohen, Southern: Atlanta
Max Correa, Miami
Natalie Daninhirsch, Keystone Mountain
Sarah Edelson, Liberty
Anna Fleisher, South Jersey
Jordan Friedberg, Nassau Suffolk
Julie Friedman, Great Midwest
Annie Hillenberg, Michigan
Ethan Honey, UK and Ireland
Anna Jackson, Southern: Atlanta
Spencer Keats, Westchester

Isaac Kesner, Rocky Mountain
Daniel Miles, Pacific Western
Cara Miller, Southern: Atlanta
Helena Mocevic, Macedonia
Tyler Ramatowski, Mid-America: St. Louis
Jordan Rappoport, Gold Coast
Emma Reed, Westchester
Jacob Rice, Lake Ontario
Rachel Rosenberg, Mid-America: Kansas City
Sydni Rotenberg, Michigan
Alex Rubin, NRE: Baltimore
Kendall Sack, Rocky Mountain
Eliana Schuller, North Texas Oklahoma
Jonathan Schustin, Denmark
Mia Schwartz, Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Lily Sherwood, Westchester
Ben Simens, Nassau Suffolk
Melissa Starr, New England
Troy Stein, Ohio Northern
Arleigh Wasserman, Big Apple